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Glass Sea


Found at the center of the Gorgewald Forest, the Glass Sea is a sanctuary for hundreds of various species that can be found nowhere else within Haven. Due to the intense magical presence of the surrounding forest and within the waters themselves, the Glass Sea is well known for its dozens of unique bioluminescent species that keep the sea lit up even during the darkest night.


Despite being seen as a naturalist's haven for these unique species, the Glass Sea is not a natural geographic location. Originally built as a massive quarry by the Udrithi Empire to havest Blackstone it was once known as the Gorgewald Quarry. Unfornantly for the Dwarves, a catastrophe that has been since lost to history befell the quarry and the Dwarves resorted to flooding the quarry creating the Lake we know today.

Flora & Fauna

Bioluminescent Life

Due to immense magic radiation of the area around the lake and found within the lake itself, many species native only to the Glass Sea have developed bioluminescent capabilities. So many species in fact that the lake itself almost has a glow about it during the dark nights of the Verdant Expanse. From small fish to Mana Leviathans, no relation to actual Leviathans, it is such a common phenomenon that the people of Verdant have a unique idiom, "Does a fish glow?" in response to a particularly redundant question.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Fertile Sea (By the Loxodon)
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