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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a lush and fertile location in your world.
A total of 548 entries

The Midlands of the Kingdom of Men

Voniara Conservatory and Nursery

The Jungle of the Southern Watchtower

Miwold - The City of Gardens

Jungles of Flesh and Blood

Alwold (The World of Dreams and Fears)

Mercury falls of the Starlit Shelflands

The Lush Meadows of the Eastern Reach

The Red Forest; A Gnomish Enchantment

The Grasslands, A Bastion of Hope

An Explorers Tale: The Forest of Úlfurnus Silvermaw

Land of flowers and really big pillars

The Great Plains of Borsca

The Under-garden of the Obsolblist Desert

Caltria, Jungle of the South

The garden of Millania Emeriith - WIP

Valley of the thousand Lilies

Ragnar the Peacefull’s Cove

The Four Isles- Lek'Vesteron's paradise Islands

The Royal Farmlands of Sumner

The Lush and Fertile Rainforests

Ga'lu - Geological Territory 8

The Swamp of Life. Located in the lower regions of Eshan.

Arni-Faelin / Fera / The Minotaur's Forest

The Place where Life Springs from the Ground