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The Leyline of Growth

Throughout the planes of Getherican there are countless leylines of pure magical power. Each one runs through the ground and has side effects on the land above it. Throughout Getherican the leylines can cross and out of other planes having different effects on each plane they cross. The Leyline of Growth runs through The Jade Forest, fueling the The Tree of Wenrana and crosses the country Kith and ends near Castrn’s boot peninsula. The plants that reside on the leyline grow to immense heights, produce ripe harvests twice a year, and aren’t plagued by insects or pests. This incredible plant growth continues into the ocean with the larges coral reef anywhere on the material plane. Animals also benefit from the leyline, healing faster, becoming more fertile, and living longer lives. Most of the leyline has unofficial protects to make sure the area is treated with respect and no harm comes to the animals or plants there. The groups usually work in secrecy and only communicate with each other as to keep their whereabouts secret and under protection. The groups usually live of the food and protection the leyline provides, making sure to only take as much as they need.


Everywhere the leyline I’m located plant and wild life thrives. The leyline itself is 2394 miles long and holds a constant width of 100 ft.

Fauna & Flora

Including The Tree of Wenrana every species of plants known to exist in the material plane exists on the leyline. As for animals the count is not as accurate since the leylines is so large, but an estimate puts the number of species existing on the leyline at 950.

Natural Resources

There are abundant fruits and vegetables growing on the leyline, along with massive trees and game animals. Although the leylines effect living organisms the leyline doesn't effect the minerals or precious stones that lie on it.

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