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The Tree of Wenrana

The Tree of Wenrana is a massive 3000 foot tall tree in the middle of the Jade Forest. Created by the goddes Wenrana as a gift to her followers, the tree is hollowed our and used as a walkable garden/temple. Even though the tree is hollowed out it is still alive and keeps growing. The roots spread for a 1/2 mile in all directions and although the tree needs tons of energy it doesn’t take from the surrounding trees, it takes its energy from the leyline of magic beneath it. The leyline that lies beneath the tree is the leyline of growth and life. Inside the tree there are 80 layers of walkable floors littered with exotic flora that reach all the way to the top of the tree. Each layer contains ever rarer species of plants, building up until, the top level holds the world’s only known Nectar Pod plant. Two circular staircases wind around the inside of the tree with windows in the tree’s bark every few feet. A small city has set up around the base of the tree as both protectors of the tree, and to help travelers enjoy the tree’s beauty.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the tree is to help show nature’s beauty and to help people connect to that beauty.


Each room is a large circular disc with pathways crisscrossing the floor so as visitors can be near all the plants on that level.


Each floor has two entrances/exits that are located on opposite sides of the room and connected to the 2 large spiral staircases.

Sensory & Appearance

Inside the tree is always well lit and quiet. There also always seems to be soft music playing throughout the floors.


The only items of value are the plants inside the tree upper layers.

Hazards & Traps

If a plant is taken the tree sends a signal to the protectors and they bar all exits and search the floors.

Special Properties

Each room quietly vibrates with the power of the leyline of growth.


Since the tree was seeded by a god and rests upon a leyline the tree has stood strong against the years of i harsh weather.


Grown by Wenrana in 1 AS the tree has been almost burned down multiple times, but each time a torrential rainfall put out the fire. The town at the base of the tree helped stop fires and protect the tree. Since then the tree has only caught fire once and all the plants have been kept alive.
Alternative Names
The Tree of Life
Environmental Effects
The tree has very little negative effect on the surrounding plant life.

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