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God Wenrana

Wenrana is one of the seven god split from Hervus usually associated with the ocean and nature. During The Severing Wenrana was shot to the country of Kith. She was the only god that decided not to bond with a host until she could take a physical form, she instead resided inside the earth and the plants on Kith. While Wenrana was gathering a following (by growing a body out of plants) she grew The Tree of Wenrana to be used as her first temple. During The Battle of the Gods Wenrana didn’t take her true form and only grew an avatar out of plants and fought using only the avatar. After ęçÿ was created Wenrana chose her domain to be Ethis, a plane made by Wenrana to be her home plain.

Divine Domains

Nature, Oceans

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A cherry tree

Tenets of Faith

Kill only to eat Don’t destroy nature


The Day of Severing

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Keep the natural world in balance

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Health and fit

Apparel & Accessories

Always draped in flowers, vines, and other pal ants.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Since Wenrana didn’t inhabit a host she didn’t gain as much of a following as the other gods but after creating The Tree of Wenrana her following swelled.

Gender Identity

Usually female

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creating the Tree of Wenrana

Morality & Philosophy

Let life run its course and don’t disturb it

Personality Characteristics


Keep the circle of life turning

Likes & Dislikes

Like: animals
Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral
Year of Birth
1 AS 8646 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
The Severing
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Milk Chocolate
Ruled Locations

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