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Cape Candavir

Cape Candavir is on the southeastern coast of Kupria and is known for its lush plant life and fertile ground. Some of the jungle here has been removed and replaced by plantations. The fruits grown here is sold in all markets close by, and some even find its way to The Crossroads - though to get this far it needs to be picked when just ripened, or just before becoming ripe since it will take days to transport it.

This area is also called the End of the World, as Cape Candavir marks the point where sailors won't sail further out of Vutara Bay. Just outside this coastline lurks the Sailor's Nightmare below the water surface, crushing every ship that tries to sail past. The medium town of Candavir on the point of this cape is a busy port for sea trade in the Bay, but sometimes get the harsh weather of the open sea as it has no protection from the vast openness.


Cape Candavir has several plantations between the parts of rainforest that isn't yet cut down for plantation space. Most of these grow fruits, but there are some outliers growing nuts as well.


The cape has high humidity in the central and inner coast, but the outer coast, especially on the western side, the air is less humid, and a small population of Dragonettes live in the area. As any place with a Dragonette population this specific area is protected by patrolling rangers, protecting the species from being captured to be sold as pets on the black market.

The inner parts of the cape has an impressive variation of wildlife. A wide variety of birds, lizards, mammals and insects call this place their home.

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