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The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a large town at an important junction in the Kingsroad. It's an important rest stop for travellers as the road leads to Asharia, Lenthir and Inmalenor to the east, Thalor Alari to the west and Vobranas, Sakastro and Vulborim to the south. This leads a considerable amount of people through this town, which makes it the basis of the town's economy.

The travellers going through the town is the sole reason why the Crossroads have an impressive marketplace with a large variation of wares from all over Shireon. In fact, this is the only marketplace in Kupria that can compare to Curiosity Street in Elmazar or the Trading District in Lenthir.

Just at the actual crossroads in the middle of the town it's impossible not to notive the Halfway There Inn, which is possibly the most busy inn in all of Kupria. They have rooms in all price ranges, from multi-bed rooms that's pretty cheap to the royal suite used by the Kuprian royal family when they travel through. The kitchen is grabbing the opportunity of the exotic wares of the marketplace, cooking up a varied and exciting menu from the ingredients. Though some of the more exotic dishes come with a hefty price tag, the Halfway There Inn kitchen makes sure they also serve more affordable options.

Another direct consequence of being by the main road between so many important settlements is that the Halfway There Inn often have live music or other entertainment from travelling bards and troubadours. Sometimes there's more than one present, and the visitors to the inn get treated with a good old bard-off.

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