Curiosity Street

Ah, nothing like walking through Curiosity Street, looking at the various goods they have for sale, breathing the atmospheric feel of the place, being awed by the lights at nighttime - It's truly a magical place filled with wonder and excitement!

If you want something extra special, Curiosity Street is the place to go. Together with Lenthir's Trading District, this lively part of the city of Elmazar is one of the places on Shireon where you can get almost anything - if you can pay for it. Imported goods, intricate clockwork creations, rare gems and other curiosities, Curiosity Street has them all.

Technological and Magical Wonders

One of the first things you'll notice when entering Curiosity Street, especially if it's dark outside, is that the whole street is lit. Colorful lights seem to float over the people wandering through the area, browsing the hundreds of shops. The wires that keep the lights hanging are almost invisible. The lights themselves seem to never go out, and some say it's lit by magic. Lighting up a whole city district in this way with magic would be pricey and demand a pretty large amount of Kor-Ithari Stones to function. If the lights are magical, it just makes Curiosity Street live up to the extravagant image that seems to be imbued into every nook and cranny of Elmazar.

A Marketplace of Curiosities

You can get almost anything in Curiosity Street. There are hundreds of shops in the area, selling everything from ordinary daily things like pots and pans to exotic or rare items like imported goods from other parts of Shireon and rare gems.

Even illegal items can be found in this hodgepodge of trade, but not out in the open. Some shops might have some secret, hidden merchandise they only bring out if they're asked about them and if they're sure the potential buyer won't report them to the guards. Some sellers might be hidden in less traveled parts of the streets, or in a side street, only found if you know where to look. These items are often as expensive as they're hard to find, though, and the risk of both buying and having such items are usually high due to the sharp eyes of the guards.

Curiosity Street is also a place where you can find clockwork items. The variety of clockwork items offered in Curiosity Street is limited, though, so it's still better to go to the workshops of the Clockwork Guild which is situated on the other side of the Gearport.

Location under
Zuram Plateau

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