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As the largest city in the Five Nations, Lenthir is also the most diverse area on the continent. Yet, it's technically not a part of any of the nations, but a fiercely independent city state.   The city itself is best known as the home of the Tower of Lenthos, the building that houses the Academy of the Arcane. Here, everyone with a talent for magic who want to study it further can enroll, if they can afford the enrollment fee.


The city is run by the Archmage, a mayor and a council.

The Archmage

The Archmage is the official leader of the city, but since the seat also consists of being the headmaster of the Academy the day to day business is run by the mayor. Decisions will still have to go through the council, and large decisions needs to be approved by both the council and the Archmage. The Archmage is chosen by the staff of the Academy of the Arcane, and sits until they die or is deemed unsuitable to hold the title by the staff. The current Archmage is Bronas Lyari.

The Mayor

The mayor runs the day to day business of the city, and is the spokesperson for internal affairs. A mayor is elected by the population of the city, and keeps the position for five years at a time. There's no limitation on how many of these five-year periods one person can be mayor. A mayor doesn't have to be born in Lenthir, but they need to have lived in the city for at least ten years to be eligible. It is also preferred that the mayor has been a part of the council for at least one term before becoming mayor. The current mayor is Haran Monvern.

The Council

The council is divided into two parts - the City Council and the Ambassadors' Council. Since Lenthir is important for other nations on the continent, this set up was found necessary to run the city in the best way possible.

The City Council

The City Council is the main part of the council, and consists of thirteen members voted for by the population of the city. This is the main governmental unit in the city, and although both the mayor and the Archmage has the final say in decisions, the City Council are usually left to make most decisions through internal voting.

The Ambassadors' Council

The Ambassadors' Council consists of one person from each of the four embassies in Lenthir - from the nations of Asharia, Enarion, Inmalenor and Kupria. Although not having any voting rights in the council, they are allowed to speak their minds, and can in this way try to keep up their nation's interests in Lenthir.

Veto and Decision Power

The city laws listed below are decided to be permanent, and the only way to change this specific set of laws is to first disband the city itself.
  • The Archmage can veto everything, even the mayor's veto, except the decision from the Academy staff that the Archmage isn't fit to be an Archmage.
  • The mayor can veto everything except the Archmage's decisions and vetos, and the decision of the council that the mayor isn't fit to be the mayor.
  • The City Council can make decisions as they please, but every decision needs to go through the mayor, who can veto them, and major decisions needs to go through the Archmage as well.
  • The City Council can vote to change the mayor if they see the current major as unfit for the role, but only if nine of the thirteen members of the City Council vote in favor.
  • The City Council and the mayor can't make decisions about the Academy of the Arcane. It exists as its own entity and is ruled over by the Archmage and the Academy staff.
  • To disband the city itself, there must be a public vote among the population of the city, and the number of votes in favor of disbanding the city must be at least half of the total population, and not only half of the total votes.


The city is built on a large river island in the river Nemosh, and the river works as a moat. The island itself is surrounded by tall walls, with towers placed frequently along the wall. These are specifically constructed to house a permanent guard that patrols the top of the walls, as well as a larger guard force if the city is attacked.

There are only two bridges over the river - one to the west into Asharia, and one to the east into Kupria. These bridges are wide enough for three carts to comfortably pass each other, and can be lifted if it is needed to restrict the access to the city.

In the entrances to the city at both these bridges, there is a guard station, where everyone entering the city (and some leaving the city) are controlled.

Industry & Trade

Lenthir is the most diverse city in the known world, and traders come from all the nations to trade their goods in the markets and along the main road of the city. Some traders have also opened permanent shops in the city. It is the place to go when you want something really special, and you can buy almost anything in Lenthir, as long as it's legal.

Guilds and Factions

Lenthir is one of the two major cities on the continent where the Ravenous Ravens has very little influence, together with the city of Kabaduz. There is a local lodge,of course, but it's very well hidden, and works more underground thaan the other lodges. This is due to the number of magicians in Lenthir leading to a high number of detection spells, preventing unlawful acquisition of goods.


The city itself is built on a river island that is believed to be artificially made by forcing the river Nemosh on both sides of a hill. The main road of the city runs across this hill, with the plaza in the center of the town and the Tower of Lenthos on top of the hill.

The area around the city is part of the flat lands in the middle of the continent, and doesn't belong to the city itself.

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