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Kupria started out as a small nation in the area around the city of Vobranas. Through the years of its early history the nation merged together with neighboring kingdoms by force until covering the territories it does today.

Recent Years

The Kuprian-Asharian War is perhaps the most important event in the last century. The official start of this war is set as AE 2033, but most people will say it started in AE 2032 with the Asharian invasion and the execution of King Lavin of Kupria. Asharia managed to control Kupria for a year until Lavin's oldest son Rennan Irevos mustered up a small army of rebels, snuck into Vobranas and killed King Lazar of Asharia. The Asharian troops in the city was killed or chased out, and the invasion was officially over. King Rennan of Kupria was crowned not long after, only sixteen years old and the youngest Kuprian monarch in history.


The Kingdom of Kupria is the second largest nation on Shireon in terms of size, only beaten by Asharia in the east. The size has been stable for several centuries now, assembled through a long history of wars and occupation of weaker nations.


Kupria has three main armed forces. The Kingsguard keeps the royal family of Kupria safe, the Coastal Guard protects and patrols the Kuprian side of Vutara Bay, and the National Defense protects the Kuprian land territories.

Trade & Transport

Kupria borders directly to the City of Lenthir, and all travelling merchants from Vulborim, Enarion and Inmalenor will have to go through the nation's territories to get access to the Lenthiri market. Especially the Crossroads is prospering as a direct result of this, as the great majority of traders going to Lenthir through Kupria travels through the town.

In times of peace with Asharia, the coastal town of Sakastro has a steady stream of trader ships traveling to and from the Asharian town of Verraja on the opposite side of Vutara Bay. This trade is constantly a tiny bit risky for the traders and their wares since the Stormfeather Lodge regularly plunder merchant ships in this area, but the coastal guard has regular patrols to minimize this risk. This doesn't stop the occasional robbery, yet the great majority of traders are able to make a living despite the threat of pirates.


The Kingsroad runs through most of the country, connecting Vobranas to both Vulborim, Lenthir and Enarion. The maintenance of this road is prioritized over other roads in the kingdom since it's an important route of travel, which means it's mostly flat and safe for wagon wheels most of the time.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of Kupria
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state

1 Ifrin = 6 Obram
1 Obram = 20 Donnar
1 Donnar = 12 Bintos

Legislative Body
Monarch of Kupria (can veto)
Councillor of Kupria (no veto power)
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories

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