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Vutara Bay

Vutara Bay is the coastal area between the southern parts of Kupria and Asharia. The area has heavy ship traffic between the different coastal cities and towns in the area, and the fish in the bay is harvested as a natural resource in the whole bay. It's a relatively safe area from the Sailor's Nightmare, though the Stormfeather Lodge get their riches from robbing both ships and settlements in and around the bay.

Fauna & Flora

Vutara Bay has a population of sirens. These creatures are generally in conflict with humanoids, making some of the parts of the area risky to travel in.

The Sailor's Nightmare keeps out of the bay, which makes shipping activity possible. Many have thought with fear about the consequences that would hit the area if the monstrous creature ever entered the bay, especially the economic consequences. Until now the creature hasn't been encountered in the bay itself, but the bay is certainly deep enough to have room for it so most sailors are constantly on the lookout for signs that the Nightmare has entered the bay.

Natural Resources

The only natural resource of note in Vutara Bay is a considerable amount of fish and other seafood.

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