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The town is ruled by the Stormfeather Admiral, who has a final say in all issues in Freeport.


There is a kind of magical protection around the island, preventing outsiders to find it. The origin of this is unclear, but it has been there since the town was established. It is, however, possible for outsiders to find the island if they know exactly where to travel, or if they manage to travel the right way by accident, but the chances are slim.

In the rare cases of someone actually finding the island, the town has five guard towers with cannons pointing at the waters outside the town. The cannons are checked from time to time to make sure they are in working order since they aren't used all that much. The towers aren't very tall, but tall enough to enable the cannons to hit enemy ships trying to attack the town.

Additionally, there are usually a number of ships able to defend the town docked in the port of Freeport. The number varies with how many captains there currently are in the town, but it almost never happens that there's not at least one ship in the port that could have its cannons ready at short notice.


Freeport has a fully-functional shipyard to do repairs to damaged ships. The lack of natural resources prevents this shipyard from making new ships, though.

The only all-stone building in Freeport is the forge. The smith here specializes in making parts for ships, be it anchors, chains or the nails used to hold the ships together. The forge also supplies the town with needed metal supplies.

Guilds and Factions

The whole island and the town itself is claimed by the Stormfeather Lodge, and is as a consequence of this considered the property of the Ravenous Ravens.


Freeport was founded shortly after the Stormfeathers as the Lodge realized they needed a base of operations away from the coastal cities in Vutara Bay.


The majority of the buildings in Freeport are made completely from wood, and several are made from salvaged, yet still usable materials from discarded ships.

Usually the buildings are built for function, and not for design. Yet, some buildings have decorations in the form of old galleon figures, anchors and stolen goods.

Natural Resources

There are trees on the island, yet not many enough to keep the island completely self-supplied. Other than wood, the only other natural resources found on or around the island is fish.


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