Eura the Siren

Admiral Eura of the Stormfeather Lodge (a.k.a. The Siren)

Ah, Admiral Eura. The best Admiral us Stormfeathers could ever ask for. We are much more successful with her in the lead than we've ever been before. The treasure is practically flowing into the lodge now. Not to mention that she's confident, she's full of charisma, she can beat almost anyone in a fight, and she looks good doing it.

The woman of my dreams, really.

Stormfeather Captain

Despite being shorter than most of her crew, Admiral Eura of the Stormfeather Lodge claims respect from even the strongest and meanest of them. Her determination, confidence and sword fighting skill is impressive, and she has a certain presence that make people notice her - when she's not trying to hide, of course.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Eura is usually never seen without her long leather coat, which she keeps in pristine condition. She takes personal offense everyone damages it, be it accidentally or during a fight. There are whispers among the Stormfeathers about Eura's coat, and how you should never get it damaged if you want to stay alive.

Eura also possess the Admiral's Hat, which she uses whenever it's reasonable to use it. It's large, after all, and will fall off if she moves too fast or tries to do acrobatics.

All other clothes in her wardrobe are easy to move and fight in. She needs to be able to defend herself at any time to keep her role as Admiral, after all.

Mental characteristics


Eura has been with the Stormfeathers for as long as most can remember, working her way up from the bottom to the top through years and years of proving herself. She was a captain for several decades before she was elected the new Admiral in AE 2087. At first she refused, thinking that being admiral would be too much work and responsibility, but she was eventually talked into accepting the title, and now she doesn't have any regrets.

Personality Characteristics


Eura is driven by a strong need to prove herself as good enough, and the will to get better at what she does. Wealth and fame is also two important factors to her motivation.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Eura is extremely good at fencing, and moves the blade with an accuracy and speed that's seldom matched. She's also decent with a hand cannon, but prefers to get up close and personal with a sword.

Virtues & Personality perks

Eura is quick and dexterous, and has a natural charisma that could charm a rock. Highly intelligent and good at reading people's intentions, she's constantly reading the situation and using what she finds out to act according to what she thinks would benefit her the most.

Her determination is strong, and when she decides to do something it's almost impossible to stop her doing it.

Vices & Personality flaws

Sometimes she might get a bit impatient slightly overconfident, and the combination of these two has been known to both put herself and her crew in danger a couple of times - though after becoming Admiral she has become slightly more patient. She's also very used to get her way, and if someone refuse to give her what she wants - and she has no way of forcing them - she becomes almost childishly moody and grumpy.


Somehow she is always impeccably clean - even after she has spent several days at sea. Nobody knows how she does it, but she does it.


Contacts & Relations

As the leader of Stormfeather Lodge, Eura is professionally connected both to the Raven Lord Oci, as well as the other Lodge leaders in the Ravenous Ravens. This is useful when she needs certain favors done in other areas of Shireon.

Social Aptitude

As is quite normal for Kiz, Eura has a certain air of being more supreme than other humanoid species, and she has a confidence that might be a tad too high compared to what it should be. Somehow she makes everything work out, though, even the times where her confidence is higher than the result.

She has a legendary charismatic aptitude, and can often talk other people into seeing her way or doing what she wants.

Wealth & Financial state

She never seems to run out of money, but then again, she was a pretty successful captain before she became Admiral. Now that she gets a certain cut of all the riches brought in by the Stormfeather captains she won't run out of money anytime soon.

Honorary & Occupational Titles

Admiral of the Stormfeather Lodge
Ruler of Freeport

Current Residence
Emerald green
1,55 m
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

Fluently: Kuprian, Southern Asharian, Vulborish

She might know more, and seems to understand more languages at least, but nobody have any proof of that.

Ruled Locations

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