You want to know about Oci? The current Raven Lord?

Good luck getting any solid info on him. We've tried for decades with no luck.

— Vobrani city guard

The following information is considered as secrets of the Ravenous Ravens, and in some cases Nightfeather inside information. Anyone found reading this without authorization will be hunted down and dealt with.

Oci is the current Raven Lord of the Ravenous Ravens.

Career History

Nobody in the Nightfeather Lodge knows when Oci joined the Ravens, but rumors say he was just a kid.

As most Raven Lords before him, Oci started as the overseer under the former Raven Lord, Hrain. He was hand picked for this role in AE 2056 when the former overseer, Irren, was killed on a mission. Oci was about twenty years old at this point - or so history says anyways. There were some Nightfeathers who felt ignored when this young boy was chosen instead of them. These individuals decided to make a point of this, and made the start of Oci's time as man overseer challenging. However, the Raven Lord made sure to make a point right back, and the troublemakers were dealt with.

In AE 2063 Hrain stepped down from his role. This highly controversial move meant that the overseer would become the next Raven Lord. That's how Oci became the leader of the Ravenous Ravens at the age of twenty-eight, and thus becoming the youngest Raven Lord in history.

What Do We Know?- And What Do We Think We Know?

Oci is trained in Chantai by Master Feromar Joven, a Nightfeather smuggler. The two seemed to have a rather close bond.

It is generally believed that Oci is from Vulborim. Older Ravens speak of his Vulborish accent, though it's been decades since it has been very distinct.

Let me fill you in on that. Oci is definitely from Vulborim. Everyone who have heard him swear can tell you that.

And it is like they say, the Vulborish art of swearing is truly spectacular. Makes any sailor blush.

— Magan, Nightfeather

There might or might not be some chemistry going on between Oci and his overseer, the Nightingale.

Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Current Residence
156 cm
Aligned Organization
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Other Lodge Leaders

I must confess, I had some... worries when I heard Oci was our new Raven Lord. Yet, he's grown on me.

— Leader of the Rustfeather Lodge

Roon thinks Oci is great leader. Not sure if Oci likes Roon, however.

We've had our... small disagreements, I guess.

Leader of the Frozen Feather Lodge

What can I say about Oci? The Stormfeathers are certainly doing a hundred times better after Oci became Raven Lord.

— Admiral Eura the Siren
Leader of the Stormfeather Lodge

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