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Nightfeather Lodge


The head of the Nightfeather Lodge is the Raven Lord, which currently is Oci. Not only does he rule the Nightfeather Lodge, he is the head of the whole Ravenous Ravens organization as well, and as a result ranking over all the other leaders in the other lodges in the Ravenous Ravens.

The second in command is the overseer, which is currently the Nightingale. Her job is to support the Raven Lord in his jobs, and this means she has access to a lot of secrets, and is often with the Raven Lord in prime backstabbing distance. This is why it's important for the Raven Lord to choose an overseer that he trusts. There are rumors that Oci and the Nightingale is in a relationship, so you can say that Oci did just that.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Nightfeather Lodge is not the same as their actual agenda. Their public agenda is to help people find lost things, gather information about things and people, and protect traders against robbery.


The Nightfeather Lodge owns the Nest, which they use as a headquarter. This underground complex is hidden beneath the streets of Vobranas, and has several exits to various parts of the city for easy access and the security of several escape routes if the Nest should be attacked.

The Lodge also has several safe houses scattered around the city of Vobranas, and several of these are connected to the Nest by tunnels.


The Nightfeather Lodge was established as the same time as the Ravenous Ravens in AE 1394 as the first lodge.

At Night We Strike

Founding Date
Guild, Thieves
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What the Other Lodges Think

I'm glad our relationship is as good as it is, despite our rather, ah, embarrassing first meeting. However, I can sense those juicy secrets he keeps out of my reach...

Representing Arcane Feather Lodge

Roon likes Oci better than the former Raven Lord. (Should be careful to not make him angry again, however...)

Representing Frozen Feather Lodge

Oci seems like he wants the other Lodges to succeed. As the "youngest" Lodge leader, I can appreciate that. I've only met him once, though.

Representing Plainsfeather Lodge

To be honest, I never thought he'd become Raven Lord when I first met him. Yet, Oci has surprised me.

Representing Rustfeather Lodge

I like Oci. My predecessor did too.

Representing Scorched Feather Lodge

Now, I won't say I had the best first impression of our Raven Lord. Yet, he has shown that he cares about the well-being of the other Lodges. That's enough for me.

Representing Stormfeather Lodge


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