Rathal's Gunpowder Emporium

Rathal's Gunpowder Emporium is where to go if you need anything gunpowder related, be it cannons, hand cannons or explosives. It is run by Rathal, a rather burly Jahrikiz with seemingly no sense of humor. After talking to him for two minutes, however, you'll soon realize that he is one of the leading experts of gunpowder and hand cannons - that is, if his extremely condescending personality doesn't scare you away first.

A Freeport Business

The Gunpowder Emporium is one of the businesses which have their base of operation in Freeport, a remote island in Vutara Bay belonging to the Stormfeather Lodge. As this makes it virtually unreachable for non-Stormfeathers it's no surprise that they are the main customers of the Gunpowder Emporium's wares.

While the Gunpowder Emporium could survive on the Stormfeathers' need for cannons and gunpowder alone, it's not a way to get rich. This is why you can occasionally find their wares in the markets of both Sakastro, Candavir and Verraja. Though, as a Freeport business, it would be stupid to sell the best wares at outside markets. The merchandise sold to the coastal cities around the Bay is the wares that aren't perfect, yet the flaws aren't bad enough to affect the usability of the weapons too much.

The merchandise is shipped from Freeport to the other cities by a small, indescriptive ship. Trying to follow this ship in order to find the hidden island of Freeport is futile, as Honest Hanir is an exceptional sailor who can easily lose followers on his way through the treacherous waters around the island.

Founding Date
AE 2062
Corporation, Manufacturing
Parent Organization

Notable Members
Rathal, owner and creator of merchandise
Honest Hanir, salesman

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