Honest Hanir

These hand cannons are top quality. Just look at the craftsmanship of the mechanism! A perfect weapon for the most discerning customer.

Oh? that little crack? You won't even notice it. All wares sold here are safe to use.

— Honest Hanir

Honest Hanir is a travelling merchant based in the Vutara Bay area. He frequently travels between the cities of Candavir, Sakastro and Verraja to sell his gunpowder related items.

By just looking at him once it's clear that he enjoys the finer things in life - especially good food. The Enari are generally lithe beings, something Honest Hanir seems to want to disprove. It probably doesn't help that the cities around the Bay are known for their fine cuisine, something he seems to take great advantage of.

Silver-Tongued Salesman

Honest Hanir? That fat bastard could sell you anything, and you wouldn't know you'd been ripped off until weeks after when he's already sailed away to the next city.

And don't bother trying to complain; he'll talk you into an even worse deal. Trust me. Just stay away from him.

— A not so satisfied customer
who has been fooled twice

Hanir has been a trader for about three centuries, and have had plenty of time to perfect his speechcraft skills. He knows how to read people, and knows how to adapt his words to the situation. Even though generations of locals have been fooled into various "fantastic" deals by him, he still seems to get decent sales.

Before getting hired by Rathal, Honest Hanir made his way by selling various trinkets and bits, usually worthless pieces of junk, and the occasional secondhand device that would probably fall apart after about a week. These were things he'd either get for free or for a heavy discount.

It is told that at one time Honest Hanir managed to sell a stolen item back to its owner, despite the owner knowing that Hanir was probably the one who stole it.

A Seasoned Sailor

Honest Hanir doesn't only excel at selling anything, he's an excellent sailor as well. As he gets his wares from Freeport these days, it's a necessary skill to have. The waters around Freeport are treacherous, constantly covered in a thick fog and labyrinthine reefs hiding just below the surface. Even if you know exactly where to sail, you'll need a considerable amount of skill as well to navigate these waters. Hanir navigates this area seemingly effortlessly, even during nighttime. Trying to follow him in a hope of discovering Freeport will almost be guaranteed to end in disaster.

When not in a marketplace, chances are that Honest Hanir is somewhere in Vutara Bay aboard his Floating Stall and Transportation Vehicle, which is a small sailing boat he can sail by himself. As he moves all his merchandise with him whenever he moves stalls or returns to Freeport to restock, he will take any opportunity to sell some wares while he's travelling between destinations if they show up.

Year of Birth
1683 AE 429 Years old
Current Residence
Somewhere in Vutara Bay
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Honest Hanir's Stalls

Honest Hanir's Sakastrian Stall
Building / Landmark | Dec 8, 2019

Don't visit our competitors. We have lower price and quality goods that will last a lifetime. Honestly.

Honest Hanir's Verrajan Stall
Building / Landmark | Dec 8, 2019

The best place to buy hand cannons in Verraja. No faulty merchandise here. Honestly.

Honest Hanir's Floating Stall and Transportation Vehicle
Vehicle | Dec 8, 2019

Boat has wares if you have coin. Only quality goods here. Honestly.

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