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Come visit Sakastro! Let the warm climate soothe your soul! Sample the local cuisine! Meet the friendly locals! And help scare away evil spirits during the yearly festival!

Sakastro is the largest Kuprian town along the coast, and a popular vacation spot for travelers. It's been discussed for a long time what makes Sakastro so popular among tourists. Is it the local cuisine, chock full of local vegetables, tasty spices, meats and fish? Is it the climate, mild and usually snow-free during winter and searing hot during summer? Is it the laid-back and welcoming demeanor of the inhabitants, making it a nice place to spend a vacation? Or is it the yearly festival dedicated to scare away evil spirits with colors, shouting and noisy instruments?

It might be any of these things, or all of them. Whatever the reason is, Sakastro is a great place to spend a vacation.


Various Vegetables

Sakastrians do love their vegetables. The warm temperatures makes it possible to grow many different types, and a Sakastrian dish rarely consist of less than three different types. It isn't just mixing vegetables together without a thought, though - the local cuisine has also mastered how to choose the right vegetables to make a fanastic combination of taste and texture.


Much in the same way as the vegetables, the warm climate in Sakastro gives many exciting spices that is used to make subtle (and not-so-subtle) flavors in the cuisine.

Fresh Fish

As a coastal city, Sakastrian cuisine is often based more on fish than meat. There are several types of fish that is commonly used in food in this area.


The Festival

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