The Nest

Purpose / Function

The current purpose of the Nest is to be the headquarters of the Nightfeather Lodge and the Ravenous Ravens. What its purpose was when it was built is unknown.


The Ravens didn't have to do many alterations to the complex when they moved in, only some small works of maintenance, some installed doors, and digging out some new exits to strategic places in the city. Some of these exits lead to various safe houses in scattered parts of Vobranas.


The Nest is an underground complex, dug out into the rock beneath the city of Vobranas. The walls in the most used rooms are smoothed down for aesthetic purposes, while some of the less used rooms and hallways are rougher.


What it was before the Nightfeather Lodge moved in is a mystery. What is known, however, is that the Nightfeathers found an underground complex that needed next to no modification other than to dig out some extra exits and put in some doors and furniture.

Owning Organization


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