Raven Lord


To be eligible to become a Raven lord, the candidate will need to be an Overseer of the Nightfeather Lodge. If there is no Overseer, the new Raven Lord will need to be among the highest-ranking members.


There is no grand ceremony when a new Raven Lord is appointed.

If the former Raven Lord is alive, but or some reason decides to step down, the Overseer will be officially be announced as the new Raven Lord at the morning announcement in the Nightfeather Lodge. The Overseer is usually warned about this some days before it happens, allowing a little time to go through what a Raven Lord's responsibilities are and to generally get ready for the change.

If the old Raven Lord dies, the Overseer will officially take over the role automatically. This is tougher on the new Raven Lord as they'll have to figure everything out without anyone to help. Luckily, the former Raven Lords have made a book containing their most important experiences and how they dealt with them - the Reflections of the Raven Lord.

If both the Raven Lord and the Overseer is dead, the Nightfeather Lodge will have to decide for a new Raven Lord. The whole Lodge vote for one of the highest-ranking members. If there is a tie, a new vote is cast between the ones with the top number of votes. This has to this date never happened. This is the worst way for a new Raven Lord to start their career. A former Overseer will have some experience in running the Lodge, after all. A high ranking member won't have this experience and will have a challenging time while they get used to their new life.


As the leader of the whole Ravenous Ravens as well as the Nightfeather Lodge, the Raven Lord has duties to both the Lodge and the whole global organization. The other Lodges run themselves most of the time, so the most important duties as a Raven Lord are to the Nightfeathers. They have the highest responsibility of keeping the Lodge running and the members satisfied, though the latter is more often than not delegated to the Overseer so the Raven Lord can concentrate more on keeping the Lodge and the organization as a whole running.

The Raven Lord will sometimes have to travel to other Lodges to fix problems or help with administration. In these cases, the Overseer will be responsible for running the Nightfeather Lodge in their place.


Being a Raven Lord is mostly hard work, but it does come with some benefits. There is a great amount of authority in the position and the Ravenous Ravens is a large network spreading all over Shireon. It's possible to get intelligence from almost all the ruling powers on the continent, as well as other useful information about events and movements from all the larger cities. The Raven Lord also formally owns the riches of the Ravenous Ravens, though it's in their own interest to not spend this money on private splurging as this will make members distrustful and prone to demanding wing-clipping.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The rank of Raven Lord is granted until death.

If the Raven Lord wants to retire, they will give the rank to the Overseer. The retired Raven Lord will then most likely disappear from any Ravenous Raven held territory and settle somewhere to live a peaceful life until death. The retired Raven Lord will still be held to the oath of secrecy, and spiling the Raven secrets will be punishable by wing-clipping at any time, no matter how long ago they left the rank.

A Raven Lord who breaks any rule that will either put the Ravenous Ravens in a bad light or be dangerous for the organization will most likely be wing-clipped. Wing-clipping is a brutal way of execution given to those who break the trust of the Ravenous Ravens and is usually given by the Lodge leader of the lodge. In the Nightfeathers' case, this is usually done by the Overseer. How stretched out and agonizing the execution is depends on the crime and how angry the one doing the wing-clipping is at the one who receives it. As it's said that the higher the rank the greater the punishment, a Raven Lord who does something that ends in a wing-clipping will probably get the most stretched out variant.

Length of Term
Until death, resignation or being wing-clipped
Current Holders
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