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Political Structure

Vulborim is ruled by The Eternal Chieftain Kalsad. There is a Vulborish Council with selected councillors that give the Eternal Chieftain advice, but it is far from certain that he'll listen to the advice.

A Short History

Vulborim was established as a nation quite early, around AE 5. Only Asharia and Enarion are older as nations. The Drylands was inhabited by small groups of people, kind of like tribes, with no structure in common. As Kalsad arrived and decided to claim these people as his own, he chose the people living in the spot that today is Kabaduz. He fought their leader and won, making him their leader. It didn't matter how they'd chosen leaders before, the people didn't dare to question the apparently expert fighter who had just fought and killed their head of the tribe. A few tried to claim the spot by trying to beat this new person in a fight, but all of them were killed.

Kalsad then begun the slow work of fighting more leaders of communities close by. By AE 400 the whole area from Kabaduz to the southern coast of today's Vulborim was conquered and by AE 800 the area north of Kabaduz to the Wasteland had been absorbed into the new Vulborish nation.

Kalsad realized that Vulborim was large enough for one person to rule. If it became any larger now it was going to be the fall of his reign.

In AE 937 Kupria led by Queen Alenia Irevos tried to conquer Vulborim. Kalsad and his Vulborish fighters fought back, killing the queen and beating back the attempted occupation. Only Kalsad's decision to not expand Vulborim any further stopped him from trying to conquer Kupria as a part of Vulborim.

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Articles under Vulborim

  • Some time between AE 900 and 1300
    The Sunray of Pelk
    Military action

    The legend of the Sunray of Pelk and how she slayed a great monster from wreaking havoc in Northern Vulborim

    More reading
    The Sunray of Pelk
    Additional timelines
  • 1892 AE

    The first signs of female suppression in Vulborim

    It had long been in the cards, but now the government started passing laws that gave the female population less freedom

    Additional timelines
  • 1901 AE

    The Purging of Unfitting Culture
    Political event

    The suppression of females in Vulborim reaches a new high as every piece of art and literature depicting women as heroic, brave or otherwise put in a positive light are destroyed.

    Additional timelines


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Jul 15, 2019 04:56 by Emperor Charles II

One last article and I can return to my warm bed. Feedback wizard here, and here's my thoughts on Vulborim:   Well done for using the timeline and diplomacy to add more to this article! It adds more flavour and complexity to an otherwise normal article. The timeline also isn't a mile long and filled with minutiae, which I love. (what do you mean I listed every ruler of my world in a timeline who would do that that's monstrous)   One issue I have is that the sidebar and the timeline dominate the article, leaving the main meat of the article very small. This is an opportunity to flesh it out: add their dominated territories, Kalsad's ruling style, how the people react to his rule and many, many other things. Take a look at the Organization template if you want more ideas if you don't want to take my word for it ;)   One specific question that I would love to have answered: why is the nation of Vulborim so hateful of women? Does it come from Kalsad, or ethnic traditions, or religious reasons? It is clear that this hate is a long term issue in the nation, so where does it come from?   Alright, on that fun note, I'll take my leave. See you around the forge :)