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The Wasteland

The Wasteland is a dry and inhospitable place between the nations of Enarion, Kupria and Vulborim. Generally thought to be a result of the arrival of the Elders, this devastated area has been mostly devoid of life for two millennia.

Something repels animals from entering this place willingly, and plants don't survive here for long. The reason for this is generally thought to be the nature of the magical energies in this area, corrupted by the violent impact of pure cosmic energy as the Elders were forced through the void between the planes.

Although mostly devoid of life, there are some living things that occasionally is in the area. Sapient beings, especially humans, might occasionally feel the need to explore the Wasteland to learn about it. As the boundary between Shireon and the void is slightly faulty in this area other extraplanar beings might find their way through. Usually these beings are Wasteland Beast, but sometimes something else might find its way through - and not always finding their way back.

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