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Situated along the river¬†Udrun half a day's travel south of Kabaduz, Balbardokh is a small town of about 100 with no real call to fame.  

Udrun - the Bringer of Life

The town survives the harsh desert climate by growing crops in the flood plains of the Udrun. It's hard to grow anything in the dry and hot area so the only way the town can get enough food is by utilizing the seasonal ebb and flow of the river. The town has stayed the same size for a century due to the fine line of food production versus population.¬†   The years where the flood plains fail Balbardokh suffers, as there is simply not enough food to keep the population nourished. The biggest problem with this is that when the flood plains fail, it does so for all nearby settlements, so they can't import food from other cities like Kabaduz. To prevent people from dying from starvation the resident Sand Horse¬†population will be partially butchered for their meat.
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