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Mynelion is run by Vinior the Arch Druid. He both run the city and the druids.


The main defense of Mynelion is how hard it is to find if you don't know the exact way, especially if you're not welcome. There is ancient magic in effect that makes the city almost impossible to find for enemies, or other people who has no business there.   If Mynelion is found, the surrounding area is covered in thorny bushes, making the area around the city very hard to travel through, especially in heavy armor.


The city was founded as Vinior and Zira decided the world needed a school for druids. The city has grown somewhat since then, but is still rather small considering how old the city has become.


The city is only built out of wood, mostly partly out of whole, living trees shaped by magic to grow in a way where making houses between the roots and trunks and branches is possible.


Mynelion is in the deepest, thickest part of the Enari forests. Tall, coniferous trees stand close together in this area, and the few places the sun can get through the trees thorny bushes and smaller trees cover the ground. Under the treetops, the ground is mostly covered with moss and other plants that can survive with little sunlight.   The ground is uneven outside the city, while inside the city it's rather flat.

Natural Resources

Despite the area being covered with trees, the trees themselves aren't counted as a resource.   The area has has a lot of healing herbs growing in the forest, but it's fiercely protected by the druids, making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands or get over-harvested.
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