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Weald of Struggle

Why are you heading towards the Weald of Struggle? That place is bad. Keep away from there, if you value your good health.

Nivenna Caerin

Of all the wealds of the Kael Thalori, the Weald of Struggle is the most infamous of them. Due to the Wasteland neighboring this area, a lot of the energies that killed the Wasteland has seeped over to the weald, making the trees here struggle to stay alive. The closer to the Wasteland, the less living vegetation grows there.

Struggle and Strife

Although the Weald of Struggle and the Wasteland share a rather long border, you can't go between the two anywhere you want. Most of the border runs along steep hillsides that are impossible to climb without climbing gear, and almost impossible to cross through when on the top. The only place where you can cross this border is through the Gate of Strife - a ravine running through the hillsides.

It isn't just because the energies seep over the border that earns the Weald of Struggle and the Gate of Strife their names. During the recent decades something else has seeped out from the Wasteland into Kael Thalori - the wasteland beasts. These monstrous beings have been tormenting the southern parts of Kael Thalori, gradually trying to push further north. The Kael Thalori Foresters and Wings of Fury are doing their best to try to prevent the beasts from moving further north, though it's a strain on both these Enari forces.

How It Used To Be

Before the Wasteland became, well, a wasteland, there wasn't a weald called the Weald of Struggle. Back then it was a part of Catfoot Weald, and was the home of most flora and fauna that lives a bit further north today.

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