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Coldspike Plains

The Coldspike Plains is the coldest spot on Shireon during winter. Temperatures sink so low you can literally not breathe as the air seems to disappear from the area. Even if it was possible to breathe most living beings would die in less than an hour from being deep frozen.

During summer this area is a more liveable area, though the only thing that grows here is lichen. There are some animals that travel through the area, but nothing stays here through the year. There's usually some Beardoxen who wander through the area while munching on the lichen, and perhaps a winter wolf or two hunting the huge bovines. Other than that the area is more or less lifeless.

There was a year where the Beardoxen didn't leave the Coldspike Plains soon enough, and a herd of five individuals froze to death as winter claimed the area. This was a welcoming sight for the tiny Icewater Tribe living in the settlement called Ikito the next spring as this winter had been especially harsh. Finding five deep-frozen Beardoxen just lying there to use as food, the little tribe was fed for months and had enough leather and Beardox Wool to keep warm through the next winter.

Alternative Name(s)
Plains of Icy Death
Dead Beardox Fields
Desert, Ice
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The small settlement of Ikito is stuck between the Coldspike Plains and the sea, making them isolated from the rest of Inmalenor every winter.

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