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Beardox Wool

What, are you using sheep's wool to keep warm? You'll freeze to death! Here, have some Beardox wool garments instead - much warmer, and not itchy!

In Inmalenor it can get really cold. Both sapient beings and wildlife have to protect themselves against the extreme temperatures in the area. The Inmali have a long tradition of Beardox herding, and have used the animal for both food and clothing through their whole existence.

Perfect for Polar Weather

Beardoxen have two layers of fur - the coarse outer hairs and the soft and thick inner wool. It's this inner wool that is used for clothing. The Beardoxen molt their wool every spring as they get ready for the warmer weather. In the wild, they scrape this wool off on bushes, trees, and rocks. Domesticated Beardoxen are usually combed or plucked.

The wool used for clothing is both gathered from nature and gathered from domesticated animals. The combed or plucked wool is generally more preferable as it's stronger than the wool plucked in the wild and require less cleaning and has less stuck plant materials that will need to be removed. A third option is to collect it from dead Beardoxen. This is usually done by shaving the fur off.


When the wool is thoroughly cleaned it needs to be carded. This is both to make the fibers lay in the same direction and to remove stray hairs from the outer fur. When using shaved wool this will take a lot of work as most of the original outer fur will be mixed with the wool, but as these longer and coarser hairs will make the wool unusable they have to be removed.

After carding the wool has to be spun into wool.

Greyish brown
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