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On the eastern end of Inmalenor, at the point where the Frozen Mountains meets the sea, there is a tiny Inmali settlement far away from anything else. This is one of the rare permanent settlements of the Inmali, as they rely more on hunting seals and fishing than herding Beardoxen.

The Icewater Tribe that lives here is one of the smallest Inmali tribes, barely keeping their population of fifteen alive. During summer they often go out to trade with other tribes nearby, creating relations and sharing news. During winter they are isolated by the natural barrier of the Coldspike plains, preventing them from leaving their tiny settlement until the temperatures rise enough to survive going through the plains.

Luckily for the tiny Icewater Tribe, the seas outside their settlement is teeming with fish. As long as the ice isn't too thick to dig through they'll always have fish - and even then it is possible to hunt a seal or two. If the worst would happen, that they actually run out of options, it's possible to walk around the Frozen Mountains into the northern part of Asharia and trade less vital things with enough food to get through the winter. This does break the Inmali taboo of leaving Inmalenor, but the Icewater Tribe would rather survive than worry about breaking a small taboo.

Due to the sheer distance away from Niskala and the fact that it would take them months to travel to the capital city, Icewater Tribe almost never attends the Tribemoot. The dealings of the other tribes are so remote from them that they don't see the point of spending so much energy travelling over the vast Northern Taiga to hear the rest of the tribes squabble about issues that doesn't really affect them anyways. The few times they decide to attend it, they find themselves disappointed and being prevented from the important job of gathering enough resources to get them through the cold, harsh Inmali winter.


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