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This old worker's camp that grew into a village is officially owned by the Dacanos Logging Company. When the worker camp grew large enough to need an actual infrastructure, the supporting services that arrived turned into the small village that's there today.

The Village Services

Forestgate isn't especially large or impressive in any way. It has a small tavern, a tiny clinic, and a village shop. While the tavern is small, it can still fit all the village's inhabitants during special occasions, though only barely so.

As this village is situated along the road between the Crossroads and Thalor Alari, the village's tavern will probably never have any reason to close down. A lot of travelers are going through this area, and while not everyone stops here there's a decent amount who do.

Mostly Local Materials

All the houses are made from the Kael Thalori Timber produced by the company. The stones from the fireplaces and hearths were first gathered from around the village, but over the years the local stone supply has been run dry, so to speak. Still, the Frozen Mountains aren't that far away, so the population tend to go on some stone gathering trips when their stored stone stockpile is empty.

The Community

Forestgate is run more as a large family than a normal town, and if anyone needs anything the rest of the village will do their best to help. This communal spirit is expected from anyone who lives there, and people who won't follow these social rules will soon be feeling the social repercussions.

This is rarely a problem, however. Any newcomers moving into the village might do some missteps in the beginning. However, after living there for a while they see the good in the community spirit of the village. Most people adapt their behaviour to become a part of the community. And even though some might break the social rules in the beginning, the rest of the village will not treat them as rule breakers if they change their ways after a while.

Founding Date
AE 1932
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Owning Organization

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