Wyrmmeadow? I'd advise against going there. It's deep in forest cat lands. You don't want to get mauled, do you?

Oh, that silly old monster myth? Honestly, people believe the wildest of things. No, the reason why people won't go there is the cats. There isn't any monster in the Wyrmmeadow.

— Local person

Situated just outside and on the opposite side of the river from the Thicket, this rather ordinary-looking meadow is a place with a certain mythical air. The area is rarely visited - even without the myths about what lives there, the area is inside Catfoot Weald, which has the densest population of enari forest cats in all of Kael Thalori. Anyone who has ever seen one of these cats will know by instinct that wandering around in their area is a fooish idea.


Nobody is sure why there's an open meadow in the forest in this location. It might be an old cleared area to grow feed for domesticated elks that has now been long forgotten. People who oppose to this theory say that it would be incredibly stupid to have anything related to elks inside Catfoot Weald.

Another theory is that there's something in the ground here that trees don't like. This would explain why the tallest plant growing there is a shrub. However, there are some things that makes this theory unlikely. Why is the strange ground contained to such a small area? The meadow itself isn't more than maybe 15 x 15 meters.

Another theory is that it has something to do with the monster that some say lives here.

Myths Related to the Meadow

The Wyrmmeadow is a place almost bursting from myths and superstitions, one more ludicrous than the next. Tales of monsters and prophecies haunt the meadow. You can read more about two of these myths here:

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Kael Thalori
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A vast forest covering most of Enarion

Enari Forest Cat
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Author's Notes

The idea for this article was generated with Heffé's super cool Summer Camp prompt generator, which can be found here.

The generator gave me the following:

...the location is a type of Meadow
...which relates to a/an Character in your world such as Pakuntirth
...and/or relates to a/an Organization in your world such as Enarion
...and/or this relates to Prompt 9: A myth or fairytale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune-telling or other revelation

I wrote about a meadow in the nation of Enarion. The character Pakuntirth is related to this myth, but how she's related is a spoiler. I'm still trying to figure out what prompt 9 is all about, but I will relate it to this prompt in some way.

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