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Tiweni Aer Enarion

The Tiweni Aer Enarion is maybe the most holy place for the Enari. It is an open circle in the forest, with stone circles around the center, growing in radius the further away they are. In the middle there's an area specifically prepared for a huge bonfire. It's sole purpose is to be a place of worship to the deity Enarias.

A Place of Worship

As the main place of worship in the Thalor Alari area, the Tiweni Aer Enarion is bustling with activity at all major and most minor festivals and holy days. The bonfire is lit, as large as possible and still being safe considering the dryness of the forest around it. Depending on the celebration or worship in question the required ritualistic steps are done. Then, after all the required parts are done, the celebrations usually last through the night with ecstatic dancing, a free flow of alcohol and Eaphelas, and generally a good vibe all around.

Tiweni Aer Enarion has been around as long as anyone can remember, possibly as long as the Enari have lived in these forests. Who built it is unknown, but the Enari themselves swear it was given to them by Enarias Himself. Maybe they are right. In any case, it's so old it's impossible to know exactly when and by whom it's made.

One of Many

The whole forest of Kael Thalori is scattered with circles with the same basic setup as the Tiweni Aer Enarion , only none in the same size. Naturally, not everyone in Enarion can travel to Thalor Alari to do their worshipping, so these smaller local circles are used by the numerous remote settlements in the Great Forest.


It's expected by all able Enari to go on a pilgrimage to the Tiweni Aer Enarion at least once in their life. As the absolutely holiest place of Enarias it is considered the place closest to the Father of the Enari.

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Jul 9, 2019 03:57 by Emperor Charles II

Hello, local feedback wizard righting wrongs and sorting out disputes throughout the multiverse.   MUSIC! The music is vaguely haunting and very in tune with the strange circles of stones worshipped by the Enari. The video itself also gives an idea what kind of rituals and musical traditions the Enari likely have. Fay-like, fiery and definitely highly stylized.   One big question I definitely have about this place is: what kinds of ceremonies happen here? Clearly pilgrims gather here and there is a lot of alcohol involved according to the Children of Enarias article you wrote later, but what does it signify? (insert reaction image saying "What does it mean? What does it all mean?")   Otherwise, an incredibly interesting article and great glimpse into the lives of the Enari. See you later :)