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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Edea, Elanaith, Ennuria, Kealee, Loranel, Nivenna

Masculine names

Velethuil, Zhorylvar

Family names

The Enari elves usually give children their mother's family name. It's the mother that carries the child to life, and it isn't always easy to pinpoint who the child's father is. To prevent having trouble choosing which potential father would give their family name to the child, the child usually get their mother's name, since at least the elves are sure who the mother is.
Alamaris, Arbelladon, Caerin, Jacard


Major language groups and dialects

The official language of the Enari elves is Enari elven. Practically all Enari elves know Lenthiri as well, and many speak Inmali elven and/or Inmali standard. Kuprian is also a language that several Enari elves speak.

Culture and cultural heritage

All Enari elves are expected to be able to protect themselves in battle, due to living in the wild Enari forests. This is the reason why archery and basic sword-fighting is a part of the general education in Enarion. Some also learn magic.

Common Dress code

In summer, Enari elves usually dress in light, yet practical clothes. Their favorite dress style is clothes that look flimsy and flowy, with long pieces of fabric that looks impossible to run or fight in, but that is easy to move in, easy to modify to be easy to fight and run in, and, if possible, with built-in light armor.   Enari winters can be harsh, since the nation is far north. In winter, the Enari elves use more fur and different types of wool to keep themselves warm. Still they try to make styles that are easy to move in, but with the extra layers it's a bit harder to pull off. Still, the Enari elves make the least restrictive winter clothes in the Five Nations.  


The color scheme of the Enari elven clothes are usually in the colors of the forest. Very often it's in hues of green and brown. They are free to choose which colors to wear themselves, however, so especially in towns and cities, or when travelling outside the borders of Enarion, Enari elves can be seen in several different colored clothes.


Beauty Ideals

One thing that usually shows up on Enari elven beauty preferences is long hair. Also, since elves in general aren't able to grow beards, they usually prefer beardless individuals.

Gender Ideals

Enari elves has less difference in the body build than other races might have, so although the males might be a bit stronger, they aren't so much stronger that it really makes a difference. This is why there are no expected gender roles that controls what one gender can do and can't do.   There is, of course, one exception to this. Males can't carry children, so that is probably the only gender specific role the Enari elves has.

Relationship Ideals

Enari elves don't generally bind themselves officially to another person in such an official way that it can be called a relationship. While it happens now and then that two Enari elves will stay together their whole life, being exclusive and not having flings with others from time to time, it's not a sought-after ideal, and not being in a relationship is not the same as being alone and different, as it is in some human cultures.   However, Enari elves will do the whole official relationship, being exclusive to one person and marriage thing if they fall in love with someone who finds these things important. If this is the case, the Enari elf would want to be the one proposing for marriage, or starting the relationship. It's not a crisis if they aren't the one doing it, but it is what they feel is right.

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