Tear of Enarias

The Tear of Enarias is considered the most valuable item in the known world. Made for Queen Amiela Naerin Arbelladon as a coronation gift, it has been passed down to her daughter, Loranel Edea Arbelladon when she became queen. The result of both the most pristine Lacrimite stone ever found and the craftmanship of the construction, many have dreamed of owning an item like this, and some even tried - and succeeded - to take it.


The centerpiece of the jewelry is the Tear itself, which is a Lacrimite stone of exquisite quality. Never before or after has a clear Lacrimite of this size been found. Cut to perfection by the best gemcutters in the world to bring out the beauty of the stone, it might be the most expensive gemstone in the known world.

The Lacrimite is surrounded by a frame made out of Sestine. Considering that Sestine is notoriously hard to work with, the frame is extremely detailed. On a metal that is relatively easy to shape the details doesn't look like much, but considering that it's made of Sestine makes every metallurgist impressed.

Around the Lacrimite, embedded into the Sestine is a row of small pearls surrounded by tiny Solites.


The Tear of Enarias was made for Queen Amiela Naerin Arbelladon as a coronation gift from the best jewellers in Thalor Alari. To the Enari elves it's considered the most important piece of jewelery in the nation.

Disappearance and Reappearance

The Tear of Enarias has been stolen twice - once in 1899 and once in 1953. No one knows officially who stole the necklace, and no one has been punished for it. However, it was delivered back by the Ravenous Ravens both times for the finder's reward. Knowing the organization's ways makes many suspect that the Ravens stole the Tear of Enarias in the first place as a tactic to earn money by "finding" it again. Yet, without proof there's nothing to be done.
Tear of Enarias
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
500 g
50x40 mm
Base Price
Related Materials


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