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Children of Enarias

Divine Origins

The Children of Enarias has always been based in Kael Thalori, with its central point at the Tiweni Aer Enarion just outside Thalor Alari. It is said that the Tiweni and Kael Thalori itself was made by Enarias just after He became a deity.

Tenets of Faith

These tenets are only important for the ones with Enarias as their Patron Deity.

Kael Thalori is Home
Ilva and Mata might have created the world, but Enarias created Kael Thalori and the Enari. Protect the forest from harm, both from outside forces and internal destruction. This does not mean that chopping down trees is illegal, but large-scale deforestation is not allowed. Never let an animal suffer needlessly, as they are a part of Kael Thalori and therefore holy to Enarias.

Do not participate in Necromancy
The dead belong to Belinda, and Enarias doesn't approve of stepping into Her domain.

Enarias is Father of All, and All Enari are Family
Not in the literal sense, of course. Yet, the community spirit among the Enari is strong, and their maternal lineage is most important since Enarias already is their Spiritual Father.


The Children of Enarias are known for their rather wild rituals, at least compared to the other deities' rituals. Although they're serious business of great importance, they are certainly not boring. There's music and ecstatic dancing, there's usually a lot of alcohol and Eaphelas involved, and they usually last until the next morning.

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Hello, it's the friendly feedback wizard here to give you some more feedback (I see the Ethnis stream made you insanely productive).   One thing really stands out in this article that I've noticed in your previous articles; everything is so interconnected. There are a large amount of links to gods, peoples and locations, which is a good thing! It means that this article is very connected to the other parts of the world. One of my failings as a writer is that my worlds grow so organically that an article has a bunch of really specific links that take forever to get to, meaning there's a lot of bold text that doesn't go anywhere. Not a problem here though!   One thing organized religions tend to have, and something that I think is missing from this article, is a priesthood or a group more directly connected with the deity. So who are the priesthood among the Children of Enarias? What is their function among the worshippers?   Next up: Memory Scars! sounds straight up nightmare fuel, but we'll see... :)