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Eaphelas is a plant working as a psychoactive drug when ingested. Naturally growing in Kael Thalori, it's a small leafy shrub growing in the shades of the giant trees growing in the area. It doesn't need much sunlight, only the few rays that manage to sneak past the roof of coniferous branches.

Use and Effect

The traditional ways to ingest Eaphelas is either brewed and drunk as a tea or chewed whole and fresh. It's most effective when chewed fresh as some of the active constituents become less active when dried or heated.

The effects of Eaphelas varies somewhat from person to person, but most experience a warm feeling of euphoria and a strange closeness to the people around them. Some might experience hallucinations. These effects last for a couple of hours to a whole evening depending on the dosage and the user's metabolism and body mass.

After these effects the user become lethargic and exhausted, which will last until they get a good night's sleep for at least seven or eight hours. The next morning there will be a slight residue of this sluggishness, but no worse than the morning after a decent night at the tavern.

Eaphelas does, for some biological reason, only work on the Enari. No other sapient species experience any psychoactive effects by consuming the plant.

An Important Ritualistic Tool

The Enari use the plant as an important part for some of their rituals. The effects help them get into the right mood, and the hallucinations are seen as divine messages from their patron deity Enarias.

Just a Salad

The human population of northern Kupria use Eaphelas as a part of their diet. As they don't get the euphoric or hallucinogenic effects of the plant they use it as an ordinary vegetable in their cuisine.

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Hello, your local feedback wizard asking about this article for a friend. The friend is me.   Milladamen, I <3 how you can give us exactly what we need to know about something with so little. It's a skill that I haven't mastered (I write 1k monstrosities when I'm trying to be short...) but you do it so well and effortlessly.   However, this short glimpse can easily be expanded out if you're up to it. I'm wondering a lot about why non-Enari can eat Eaphelas without the hallucinatory effects - is it purely biological or are there other factors at play?   Anyways, I have more stops on my feedback-induced journey, so I'll see you later :)

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Thank you for the comment! :3   I'm usually very bad at writing short articles, so it's good to hear it worked!   This article was a bit rushed as I had limited time when I wrote it and will definitely get some more love later this month as I start polishing instead of producing. I was thinking that it was some kind of receptors that only the Enari has, kinda like how birds can eat chillies without tasting the hotness, in a way. So it would be purely biological :3   Thank you again for the comment! It made my day brighter! <3

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A nice and short little article from Milla is always a nice one to read! I really love the shortness of this article and yet how it still manages to pack a punch! I’ll get into what I liked about this article before moving onto the feedback part.   First of all, the details and the writing itself were amazing! I really loved the amount of details you put about the plant itself and it’s uses as a psychogenic agent. It gives the article an organic feel and the information doesn’t feel bland at all too!   Secondly, I love the sidebar details as to some of the other uses of the Eaphelas plant. Gives some more insight into some other uses of this plant and also how it is used by some other races.   Now onto the feedback part! I’m writing all of this in a hurry so I apologise profusely if it sounds like cheap, copy pasted level feedback.   Firstly, I wanted to know, are there any tariffs, trade restrictions or stuff like that on Eaphelas? Is the trade regulated or encouraged? Have any Enari scientist experimented with it to discover other uses for it?   2) What happens if someone overdosed on Eaphelas? Do they die or do they just become extremely euphoric?   I again apologise if this feedback was incredibly bland. I really loved this article however and I can understand that you might not have the time to expand upon it. Still, congrats milla and keep up the amazing work!