Vulborish is spoken all around the Drylands, which is the area of the nation of Vulborim. As it shares the same root language as Kuprian these two languages are similar enough that if you know one of them you should be able to comprehend the other one, but they're different enough to result in some rather awkward translation issues. The best example of an issue like this is the Post-Plague Trade Agreement.

Usage Outside Vulborim

Vulborish is quite possibly the language that's the least used outside its geographical home. It might be heard in some situations in Kupria, but it's practically never heard anywhere else. However, the same can be said about other languages in Vulborim. You might encounter some Kuprian while in the nation, but there's hardly any other languages ever spoken.

Common Phrases and Idioms

Usually said when leaving someone, especially (but not limited to) if that someone is going to do something difficult.
Like trying to keep a sand horse in a stable
Said about something that's close to impossible.
It's all talk and no fight
Said when something is boring, i.e. "That party was all talk and no fight."
Been too long in the sun
Said about someone who is acting weird or crazy.
All sand between the ears
Said about someone who is or acts less intelligent.
Whose sand horse shit in your path?
Said when someone seems angry at someone else, sometimes implying that the anger is about something that couldn't be helped.
Know where your axe/blade is
A phrase about being ready for action, also descriptive, as in "He knows where his axe is."

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