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The People of Vulborim

A Culture of Fighters

The People of Vulborim loves fighting - both to watch people fight and feel the adrenaline rush of being in a fight. A man's prestige is partially based on how he fights, how often he wins a fight and what equipment he uses in a fight. The less armour, the more prestige - but also a greater chance of becoming seriously hurt.

One of the more interesting parts of Vulborish fighting culture is the Fighting Theatre - a visual form of storytelling where there is a script up to the fighting part, then it's up to the fighters to determine how the story ends for each time the story is told. Maybe the hero will win today, but tomorrow the villain might succeed his evil plans.

The fighters in the Fighting Theatre are paid with money gathered as bets. The more money spent as bets on the winner of the play the more the winner gets paid.

In addition to the Fighting Theatre there are also pure fighting contests. Ranging from wrestling matches to lethal fights to the death, there's always a fight to watch. The fights to the death are usually fought between people who have done horrible crimes, and is used as a death sentence of sorts. The sentence is usually to keep fighting until they're dead, and throughout history none have been released from this in any other way than dying in battle.

The Controversy about Women

Vulborim isn't a country without problems. The last two centuries have seen a slow decrease of the rights of women, from equal to the men to helpless things with barely any rights. Most depictions of heroic women in Vulborish history has been attempted erased, and most myths and stories about female heroes accomplishing something has either been rewritten to a male hero or banned from being shared.

Many women have tried to fight against it, but most efforts have been stopped. Yet, there is a lot of activity beneath the surface, growing every day, and there are the Valkheri - female warriors who are planning to fight back once their numbers have grown large enough. The Valkheri are actively joining in every fighting competition they can get into, humiliating men every time they do with their unending fierceness and never-breaking determination, and spend virtually all their spare time getting better at fighting.

Things that will happen about a year after the current date of the world
It's not going to last long, though. During the events of AE 2113, which is about a year after the current time of Shireon's articles on WorldAnvil, there will be a series of events that will change this part of the Vulborish culture. I'm not gonna tell you all the details of it (since it's way into spoiler territory), but trust me - it ain't gonna be like this much longer.

I'm also aware of all the horrible tropes I've used in this culture and that I probably shouldn't, but it is what it is.
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Children inherit their family name from their father.

Masculine name examples
Arun, Bagdar, Khunral, Tosmond

Feminine name examples
Rota, Therra

Family name examples
Laubrok, Voston


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