Magpie Marik

Captain Magpie Marik

Word of advice, new Stormfeather - If Magpie Marik asks you if you want to join him to do something fun or interesting, politely decline. You'll only get in trouble while Marik himself sits on a nearby roof, giggling.

Probably the only Stormfeather captain with no current ship, Magpie Marik has a love for shiny things, especially things that aren't his. His name is cursed among the city guards of Sakastro, and most other Stormfeathers don't really understand his ways at all, but he seems to keep out of prison, at least, despite failing to keep out of trouble. Although never outright mean, Marik has a certain trickster personality, and loves to do pranks on others.

Now, if he could only get himself a new ship...

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As most Kiz, especially Jahrikiz, Marik is quite agile. He's short of height, but as a competent jumper and climber that's never stopped him.

Apparel & Accessories

Marik only dresses in clothes he can easily move in, avoiding things that can get snagged like the plague. The need to not get stuck while being chased by the guards decides what clothes he can use. The next criteria is that it would make him look good while wearing it.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

During his time as a Stormfeather captain Magpie Marik has managed to lose three ships to various reasons. The first he managed to run onto an underwater skerry, breaking a large enough hole into the hull to render the ship irreparable. The second one was sunk by the coastal guard, and led to one of Marik's few stays in the Sakastrian prison. The third one was claimed back by its original owner, then promptly sunk by another Stormfeather captain when it was robbed a few weeks later.

Morality & Philosophy

Marik believes that the meaning of life is to have fun and not take things so damn seriously all the time.

Personality Characteristics


Marik's current motivation is to find a ship he can use. Being a Stormfeather captain without a ship isn't exactly optimal, and he's determined to change that.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Marik is extremely good at climbing walls, balancing, jumping and acrobatics, which has gotten him out of trouble several times.

Likes & Dislikes

Marik loves Vruki, and is known to eat it whenever he can - especially if there's someone in the vicinity that can't handle the smell of the pungent dish.

Vices & Personality flaws

If Marik wants something that isn't his, and thinks he has a slight chance of getting away with it, he will try to steal it. Almost as often as not this will lead him into trouble. This might be the reason why Marik might be the record holder in the Stormfeather Lodge of number of times he's run away from chasing guards. This has on several occasions included other Stormfeather individuals who have been stupid enough to join Magpie Marik on a walk through the streets of a town or city.

Personality Quirks

When Marik thinks he's alone and nobody can hear him, he narrates his own actions as he does them. He gets really embarrassed the times he's observed doing this.


Contacts & Relations

Marik is trying to win the heart of Admiral Eura the Siren, or at least he pretends to try. Nobody is quite sure if it is a running joke or not, and treats it as one. Eura herself seems a tad standoffish to the whole thing, yet she treats him with the same respect as the other captains.

Wealth & Financial state

Although being a captain and having a share of the Stormfeather booty, Marik seems to be close to broke most of the time. He is a master of spending money on good food and other things that makes him happy, at least if it's not easily stolen.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain of the Stormfeather Lodge
Somewhere on the south coast of Vulborim
Current Residence
1.67 m
Quotes & Catchphrases

"Gotta go!"

"If they wanted to keep it, they would've guarded it better"

Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Vulborish, Kuprian, Lenthiri

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