The Reckoning Storm

You want to hear a story?

Gather 'round, and I'll tell you the story of the Reckoning Storm...

— A bard doing a storytelling session

One of the oldest and best known legends around the Vutara Bay is the Reckoning Storm - a grand magical storm in AE 542 that killed hundreds of people.

The Reason

It is told that the Goddess Atella, Ruler of Storms and the Sea and Mother of Sirens, became tired of people living around the Bay not respecting Her or the dangers of the weather and waters in the area.

She already had the Stormcaster Staff in Her possession. All She needed was someone to wield it...

That's when She found the person She was looking for. A Siren, not remarkable in any way but clearly one of Her most devout followers. She appeared in front of him and gave him the Staff, telling him to use it to summon a grand storm that would teach the respectless people a lesson.

The Warning

The Siren, which was now Atella's Stormcaster, didn't want to just unleash a storm that would kill thousands. He asked the Goddess if he'd be allowed to warn some of the inhabitants around the Bay, especially those who were still respectful to Her and the sea. Atella seemed reluctant, but She ended up agreeing anyways. She seemed to trust Her Stormcaster and his wisdom. Though, She gave him a month to warn them before it was time to unleash the storm.

The Stormcaster set out on his mission to warn all inhabitants of the Bay about the upcoming storm, trying to reach as many as he could in the time he was granted. He knew he couldn't reach everyone, but at least he'd warn as many as he had time for.

When the month was up, the Stormcaster didn't want to think about how many he hadn't had the time to warn.

The Reckoning

It was time. The Stormcaster got ready to summon the storm with the Staff. He felt Atella's attention in the air, as one does when a deity focusses on them. Then, he started his work.

At first nothing seemed to happen. Then, dark thunderclouds started gathering around the area, blocking out the daylight. The wind started howling, and torrents of rain started falling. The waters of the Bay became a chaotic mess of waves.

The Aftermath

Despite the Stormcaster's warnings, some had come to the place of the summoning to watch. Most of the onlookers died. As the storm raged on for almost a week, a lot of people who weren't sheltering from the storm died. All the ones who heeded the Stormcaster's warnings and sought shelter survived, though the turbulent waters had destroyed structures and ships all over the Bay.

The Staff

The Stormcaster Staff was in the Stormcaster's possession for years, until years later. The Stormcaster was found dead, and the staff was gone. Nobody knows where the Staff disappeared to. If someone stole it, it has remained hidden until this day, more than a millennium and a half later. Though most people think Atella took it back.

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