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Death's Table

Death's Table is a plateau on the southwest side of The Thauros Spine about a day and a half's travel west from Vobranas. Although it's pretty far south, the altitude makes the temperature in the area quite chill, even during summer. And even when the weather is slightly warm there is something about the area that will chill you to the bones.

A strange feeling, almost impossible to describe, making most people uneasy.

The weather in this area is also strange. There is a near constant fog here, sometimes only covering the ground but often filling the air, closing out some of the sunlight. You feel there should be some wind up here in the mountains, but you're pretty sure you've never experienced a day with even a slight breeze.

Does it have anything to do with the presence of the oldest known being on Shireon? This is the home of Obrivas the Undying, after all. His presence might do strange things with the area. It might also be the effect of countless years of Necromantic energies being used in the area, since the Necropolis is here.

Nobody really knows. Maybe Obrivas does, but nobody dare to ask him.

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