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Belinda's Egg

Belinda's Egg is an egg-shaped natural rock formation standing perfectly upright on Death's Table, so perfectly upright that it seems unnatural. Even though it's round and it seems impossible for it to stand like that it's also impossible to push over, making people believe it actually is a gift from the Goddess Belinda Herself.

The Egg seems to consist of some kind of white, dense stone. It might be extremely pure white marble, but that is a very rare type of stone not found in any mountains on this side of Shireon. Its origin is a complete mystery. How did it get here? Is it actually a gift from Belinda Herself?

A Holy Wonder

Belinda's Egg is considered holy by everyone following Her church. Although there's nothing in Her texts or tenets that one should make a pilgrimage to this place a lot of her followers do it nevertheless. The location of the Egg is a bit away from any roads, and a hike into the mountainous areas of the Thauros Spine is required to find it. Still, it's not deep enough into the mountains to not be considered outside Death's Table.

When people see the Egg for their first time, they're usually awestruck about how smooth it is, and how perfectly shaped like an egg it is. It's just like a giant chicken decided to lay her egg in this exact spot, then the egg turned into stone.

Natural Wonder
Parent Location

The Goddess of Death, Rebirth and Chickens

Belinda is one of the main deities on Shireon and one of the first Thirteen deities created by Mata.

Character | Dec 20, 2018

Goddess of Death


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