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The Disposal

Beneath the Necropolis there is a room where failed experiments and other dangerous entities are stored. This is for the things that either can't be destroyed or that needs to be studied more before they get destroyed. There is also another creature down there, one that crawls and skitters unseen on the walls and ceilings, but not much is known about this other creature, nor how they got there. Entering the room is considered a bad idea, and done on your own risk.


There is only one entry to the Disposal - through the stairs from the main floor. The staircase has five doors before reaching the Disposal as a security measure, preventing anything to get out of the area.

Sensory & Appearance

The rooms are dark, with an almost oppressively high air moisture. The cold temperature is biting, even though the temperature is above freezing. There are no torches down here that are lit constantly, yet a faint green glow from a failed experiment keeps the room partly illuminated in places.

The smell of the room is hard to identify. The musky smell of moist cellar is certainly there, but there is a certain something else there as well. It reminds slightly of chemicals used in the laboratories upstairs, but it's hard to pinpoint which ones. Somewhere in the room, especially outside certain cells, the chemical stench becomes almost overpowering.

The sounds of the failed experiments are heard through the room, some are moaning, others are crying, howling, growling. It's not a very nice place to be, to say it nicely. Additionally, there is a constant sound of tiny feet rustling on the floor, the wall, the ceiling - yet you never see any creatures that make these sounds.


There is, of course, the numerous failed experiments. Everyone knows that they're down there, locked inside their individual cells for safekeeping.

Sometimes someone comes up from the Disposal, babbling about a small, invisible creature crawling on them while they're down there. The theory is that these creatures make that skittering sound that you can constantly hear when down there, yet trying to capture one for study has been unsuccessful. Two individuals think they have been bitten while down there, and true enough, these individuals have tiny bite marks on their skin where they say they felt the bite. These two mysteriously fell ill after being bitten, so the creatures might be venomous. The creatures have been called the Hidden Crawlers by both faculty members and students, and although the name was temporary and made up during a conversation between a teacher and a student the name will probably stick.

Room, Special, Crypt
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