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Lecture hall 6

"I'll just put it out there. A room so haunted it even makes necromancers uneasy is probably not the best place to hang out."

Purpose / Function

This lecture hall has always been one of the less used ones. It's small and underground, so the air is always stuffy and heavy. It was only rarely used for anatomy studies. After the event, however, the anatomy studies class was moved to another lecture hall permanently. Now it's used for storing small pieces of furniture that can quickly be moved in and out of the room, and some older pieces of furniture that probably won't ever be used again.


The walls and interior is made out of a dark wood type, an since the only light in the room is from candles and wall torches the room always has a dark, gloomy air. The room itself is plain - there are no decorations or fancy details.


As a rarely used room it was inevitable that someone would use it for darker deeds. It was one of the smarter location choices when one student decided to try to become a lich.

A ritual to become a lich is complex. A candidate needs to do several things correctly for the ritual to be successful. One of the steps includes human sacrifice. It was this step that went wrong during this exact ritual.

As the student had lured the sacrifice into the room, and was well into the sacrificial bit of the ritual, someone knocked the door. The student got distracted at the wrong moment. The spell that had already killed the victim shot through the person who entered the room and diffused somewhere in the hallways outside. The student, who had passed the point of no return in the ritual, convulsed and fell on the floor, slowly dying. The person in the doorway was, naturally, shocked and backed off to get to safety.

The headmaster of the Necropolis, Obrivas himself, got told about what had happened, and closed down the lecture hall for inspection. Somehow the soul of the student had become infused into the very walls of the room. There was no way to remove the soul.

The person in the doorway, who had been the one who told Obrivas about the failed experiment in the first place, was examined for damage from the energy that went through their body. Their health seemed to be in order, although their mind was severly shaken from the experience. It was decided to keep the identity of this person secret to protect them from the flow of questions and attention from the curious mass of people who wanted to know more about what happened.

The lecture hall was used for a couple months as normal, before it was closed down. Screams of rage were heard in the room, and a sudden chill as if something went through the chest were some of the strange happenings people reported from spending time in the room during these months. Now, most staff and students keep away from the room. Sometimes someone manage to lure an unknowing new student to spend time in the room, and from these poor students' stories it's clear that there's still a very potent energy in the room, seething with anger over the failed experiment.
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