Academy of the Arcane

A long, long time ago, a wizard called Lenthos made a tower on a hill by the shores of the river Nemosh, on the border between Kupria and Asharia. Hearing about his unparalleled skills in magic, some hopeful individuals started arriving at his door to ask for apprenticeship. As more and more people started showing up, Lenthos himself decided that it was impossible for one person to teach this many apprentices themselves, so he hired some of his more promising past apprentices to help him teach all these new apprentices. The tower was expanded to make room for the changes, and a city slowly started growing around the tower.   Thus, the Academy of the Arcane and the city of Lenthir was established.


Archmage (Lenthir)
Bronas Lyari

Headmaster (the Necropolis)
Education, Magic
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