Kuprian-Asharian War


Asharia started looking at Kuprian lands, wanting to take them over. As early as the late 1900's the tension started to build up between the two nations, as King Lazar of Asharia vocally expressed a desire to take over the other nation. This was during Queen Virena's reign.

First Aggression

Nothing openly aggressive happened until 2032. That's when Asharian forces led by King Lazar managed to get all the way to Vobranas and capture the city. This was due to a mix of stealth and speed, and although the Kuprian forces were prepared for an attack by then they didn't think it would hit this fast and this far into the country. Everyone in the royal family was captured except the crown prince, Rennan.

Soon after the occupation King Lavin of Kupria was executed as a show of dominance. Yet, without managing to capture Prince Rennan it was not as effective as they wanted. Despite the prince being a teenager, the people kept hope up as long as the prince was free.

Prince Rennan didn't sit idle after he got the news about the occupation. He secretly built up a rebel army beneath the noses of the Asharians, and a year after the occupation when this rebel army was large enough, they struck. King Lazar was killed in this retaliation attack, and Vobranas was freed from Asharian rule. Rennan was crowned King of Kupria, while the Asharians put Lazar's son Erelim on the throne.

A Reckless King

King Erelim was young and reckless and decided that the Kuprians shouldn't have access to the city of Lenthir with its markets and the Academy of the Arcane. The young king tried to capture the city-state for Asharia, but the walled city was too well prepared for an eventual invasion, and the attack was promptly ended. The Lenthiri government decided that the Asharians would lose their access to the city, including their embassy and the Academy for a year, and the city didn't completely trust the Asharians for years after.

Then followed several years of skirmishes on the borders. The hope of peace was extremely low as the two kings had a desire for vengeance due to the dead kings. Yet, nothing huge happened for several years.

First Siege on Vobranas

Then, in AE 2055, the Asharians fought themselves towards Vobranas, wanting to recapture the city as a step of their occupation of the nation. The siege was long and exhausting, and a lot of people died during the fight, including the wife of King Rennan's brother Tagas. Tagas himself got captured by the Asharians and brought to Elmazar as a political prisoner.

Tension rose, but there was nothing they could do. It took another ten years before the twin brother of Tagas, Prince Ilmonar, managed to rescue his brother with the help of a small team. This wasn't noticed by the Asharians until the next morning, letting the small group get a tiny, yet large enough head start. They managed to get back to Kupria without getting caught.

Second Siege on Vobranas and Assassins

This made King Erelim furious. how dared the Kuprians steal their prisoner from their own dungeon? The action sparked another siege on Vobranas, in AE 2065. It was longer and more tiring than the last one, but the Kuprian capital city held.

The war went on, both sides angry at the other. Armies were sent against each other at the border frequently, none gaining any real headway over the other. In AE 2072 the Asharians managed to get assassins into the Kuprian royal household, killing King Rennan, his wife and all their present children. The only one to get away was Princess Talanashta who was outside Vobranas at the moment. She was crowned Queen of Kupria soon after. She was angry and mourning. Though her natural accepting, calm and collected nature the nature of her ascension to the throne made her fiercely bitter. Peace seemed far away.

The End of a Long War

Even more time passed. There were more skirmishes at the border. The war started to seem pointless as none of the sides really got anything out of the war. Queen Talanashta became ill in AE 2086 and died the year after with no children. Her uncle Ilmonar was chosen by public vote to become the next king. King Ilmonar was not very keen on continuing the war and started to work towards making peace between the two nations.

The Asharian side seemed reluctant but slowly seemed to turn towards the idea of peace. In AE 2090 the two kings started having meetings in Lenthir, discussing how they could end the war. At first, the Asharians refused to accept anything less than the total capitulation of Kupria, but through the following year, the Asharians seemed to slowly loosen their determination. In AE 2091 the peace treaty was finally signed, ending the Kuprian-Asharian war once and for all.

It's most likely due to Queen Izmali's work behind the scenes that the Asharians finally agreed on the peace treaty.


After the war ended the two nations had a slightly tense relationship, but they kept their peace. Trade slowly returned between the two nations, and the coastal settlements around Vutara Bay saw a rise in their economy as they got more markets to sell their wares to.

Especially the border areas noticed a much better everyday life as their constant fear of suddenly being in the middle of a battle slowly trickled away. The constant controls in these areas disappeared, making it easier for people to travel. Traders from Inmalenor became more frequent in Lenthir as it wasn't such a hassle to travel on the road to Lenthir, following the border to the south.

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