Izmali is the wife of King Erelim of Asharia, and only this definitely makes her a very influential lady on most of Shireon. As an Asharian noble lady, especially an Ohrakiz one, she is expected to be more silent than her male counterparts and not utter too many strong opinions in polite company.

Despite this, Izmali is extremely good at getting her opinions out in the open. She has mastered the art of subtly dropping her opinions as ideas to the right people. Sometimes this takes years, but she is patient. It's actually quite probable it's thanks to Izmali that King Erelim finally agreed to stop the Kuprian-Asharian War after almost fifty years.

Ender of the War

It's no secret that Izmali was against the Kuprian-Asharian War from the beginning. Back when the war started she was relatively young, merely 44 years old, and very vocal about what she thought of it. This was not considered ladylike behaviour, and she was punished in the standard way of this behaviour in Asharian high society - becoming an ignored outcast until she learned how to behave properly.

The little hope she had that her husband would back her up quickly died. Erelim was a product of Asharian nobility and in dire need to keep his image up. He urged her to behave properly. She kept her head up for a while, not wanting to change to fit in, but eventually she succumbed to the pressure. Better to have a foot inside the nobility than being frozen out of it.

It took some years, but Izmali slowly learned how to be more subtle in her ways. She learned how to not only share her opinions, but to slowly sway people over to her way of thinking as well. Of course, she was more unsuccessful than successful, but even winning a few people over was a success.

One opinion Izmali found extremely hard to sway was Erelim's obsession with the war. Yet she didn't give up. She managed to gather intelligence through hiring spies in secret, and slowly saw the support of the war dwindle on the Kuprian side. With Queen Talanashta Irevos of Kupria's death, and the start of King Ilmonar's reign, even the monarch was against the continuation of the war. Izmali decided to intensify her efforts to sway her husband. Four years later, and forty-nine years after the Kuprian-Asharian War started, the peace treaty was finally signed.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Her Majesty the Queen of Asharia
Year of Birth
1988 AE 124 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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