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The Asharian Siege on Lenthir

Almost too short to be called an actual war, the Asharian Siege on Lenthir lasted for two days before the aggressors realized it was futile. The solid walls around the city in combination with the professional army of the Mage Guard together with the faculty and oldest pupils of the Academy of the Arcane - Campus Lenthir, should be enough to scare off even the most aggressive of armies, but a combination of hubris and lack of experience made the Asharian army try to conquer the city anyways.

It was a bad idea from the start, and the young King Erelim of Asharia got a lesson he'd never forget.

The Conflict


As the Kuprian-Asharian war had just begun two years prior, the young King Erelim of Asharia, just recently being crowned king after his father, the late King Lazar, had been slain by the Kuprian resistance, decided that Kupria shouldn't have access to the Academy of the Arcane - Campus Lenthir. This meant taking control of the City of Lenthir, which was a fiercely neutral city-state.


The battle was fought in and around Lenthir.


The Asharian army had vastly undervalued the magical skill and power of the Mage Guard of Lenthir, and was mercilessly crushed by the defenders.


After this siege, the Asharian people were banned from both attending the Academy of the Arcane and entering the City of Lenthir for a year. This included access to the Asharian Embassy. It took another ten years or so before the Asharian people were partially trusted in the city again.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Sun's Flame 7, 2034
Ending Date
Sun's Flame 9, 2034
Conflict Result
The aggression of Asharia was beaten down, and the city of Lenthir remained free.


The Asharian Army

Led by






To take over the city of Lenthir, and keeping the Kuprians from accessing the Academy of the Arcane.
To keep the city of Lenthir free and neutral.


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