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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the events of the shortest war in your world’s history?
A total of 126 entries

Massacre at the Cartz Forest

La Revolución de las Gallinas

The Turnabout of Travertaine

The Attempted Colonisation of Kalayaan

The Second War of the Marsh Kings

Reclamation of the Crescent Scope

Siege of Widow Junii's Cabbage Patch

First Anthraco-Gnyzerdian War

When Auctioning Goes Wrong: General Dahl vs. The Collector

The 992 Wall Ball School Tournament Finals

Chute de Shâran | Fall of Sharân

The War of Feso-cali Defense

The war that ended because pie

The Pacifist's Confrontation

The Valcoran Conquest of Shell Isle

The Asharian Siege on Lenthir

The Fall of the City of Galvania

The Halfling War Of Independence

The High Throne Conflict

Recillian Imperial War of Independence

Guerra de les tres hores

The Battles of the Torch

The Directoriate vs. Walter Wyatt Whittaker

The war of Rassal's Revenge