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Describe the events of the shortest war in your world’s history?
129 in total

The articles

Burning of Wanborne

The Invasion of the Ballans

Massacre at the Cartz Forest

Battle of Tenochtitlan

La Revolución de las Gallinas

The Acension

The Turnabout of Travertaine

The three day misunderstanding

The Tulip War

Shanghai Incident

First Fharyne Civil War

Sundering of Ngavar

Invasion of Isholn

The War of Waves

The War of Sery's Folly

The Celestial War

A Hook for Fuel

Guerre des passions

The Tydoni Lizard War

The Battle for Ufilsas

The Attempted Colonisation of Kalayaan

The Darkest Week

The Pole-Ball Farce

The Bone War

The Wine Twins' War

The War of the Leaf

The Second War of the Marsh Kings

The Mirror War

The one day war

The Final War of Niranti

The Siege of the Tower

The Death War

Day of the Warriors Underhill

The War of the Well

The Fellhorn Crusades

The five minute war

Reclamation of the Crescent Scope

The War of Henor Cove

Mole's Peace

The Trade War

Siege of Widow Junii's Cabbage Patch

The Fall of Blightaerie

The Longest Night

First Anthraco-Gnyzerdian War

Cycle of Blood

Battle of Nias Peak

The Lylli Secession

The Fall of Enru

The One-week War

The Battle for Tarin

The Obstructed War

Dragon War

When Auctioning Goes Wrong: General Dahl vs. The Collector

Short Man War

The Fall of Dumont

The Vindoga - Fjader war

The War of the Spider

The War of the Lost

The 992 Wall Ball School Tournament Finals

The Two March War

The Illarin-Azarinian War

Chute de Shâran | Fall of Sharân

The Conquest of Yanagon

Second Jovarian Crusade

The Folly of Umba Garrat

The Parting War

Red Sunset War

The War of Feso-cali Defense

Falondan-Corvinian War

Peace Overlooked

The war that ended because pie

Battle of Irdar Keep

The Battle of Then Dorahl

The Warm Blood War

The Gulland Rebellion

The Valencian Mage Revolt

Colonies Revolution

The Pacifist's Confrontation

Sunrise War

War for the Hub Lands

Striking the Sun

The Triumphant Rebellion

The Valcoran Conquest of Shell Isle

The Asharian Siege on Lenthir

Ops Heartrending

The Fall of the City of Galvania

The Halfling War Of Independence

The High Throne Conflict

The Three Day War

Dirtra Uprising

The Raincloud War

Haimarchy Sabotage Plot

The War of Eleshire

The War for Littorio Island

Whalers' War

The One-Hour War

The Three Days' War

Mad War of Jema

Black Iron War

The Dreughold Rebellion

Tedious Dolphin War

Recillian Imperial War of Independence

The Cataclysm

The Siege of Brackenfels

The Rose War

The Great Small War

The War of Golen

The Grerin War

Guerra de les tres hores

The Battles of the Torch

The Directoriate vs. Walter Wyatt Whittaker

The Fall of the Flaming Fist

The Revolution War

The Fall of Asphodel and Ourigon

The Taking of Voda-Shaddai

When the Zecix go to war.

The Three Days War

The war of Rassal's Revenge

The Ezanian slaugther

The Kaliningrad Incident

The Scarlet Skirmish

The three day bird war

War of Tristam's Beard

Battle of the Brew

Seven Year War

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