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The Fall of Asphodel and Ourigon

The Allied Wars reflect the trouncing of the mighty militant nation of Asphodel, and their art-loving allies in Ourigon, in the wake of the Moon's Cry at the end of the Fifth Age. The campaign lasted less than a month.

The Conflict


The Moon's Cry, among many other disasters at the end of the fifth age, served as precursors for the Holy Empire to invade and claim the territories of the southern continent.


Upon the Moon Cry, it was said that the god emperor Amateru transformed his great dragon form, and laid waste to the lands south of his borders with raw impunity.


The Holy Empire, by ending the campaign quickly, was easily able to enslave huge portions of the Asphodel military, which allowed them to immediately pivot this new influx of troops into protecting the capital and various homeland districts of The Holy Empire from the horrors of The Moon's Cry.


The defeat of Asphodel and Ourigon meant that these two fledgling nations would never be able to explore their unique systems of governance. Many scholars and bards decry with great sadness the loss of Ourigon, a post-capitalist society that was based around art, culture, and raw beauty. Although Ourigon was seen as remarkably impractical, the fact that it had survived as a nation as long as it did was testament to the loss for the great worldwide society.

Historical Significance


While The Holy Empire had seemed like a wild upstart nation in the fifth era, their remarkable conquest of the entire western side of the Kohlm continent proved that they would be the dominant force of the land for millennia to come, as they had always dreamed. Their raw strength and the cult of personality that surrounded the Dragon God himself, a title which passed down in perpetuity throughout the lineage of the family, allowed the nation to rule with an iron fist over all they encountered who did not have a similarly strong grip on their societies.
Conflict Result
The Holy Empire was victorious in less than a month, quickly laying claim first to the southernmost sections of the continent, then defending against the wild monstrosities of the apocalypse.


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