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Shanghai Incident

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BBC NEWS 23.01.41 3:17 AM

JOSH: … thus putting an end to the chinese elections.

The screens is cut in half by a white line, separating a news reporter in a studio on the right, sitting in front of a glass table, and a man in the middle of the streets of Shanghai on the left. Behind him, a crossroad where automated cars are waiting their turn to pass. Every traffic lights go to green, and every vehicle start advancing.

CONNOR: Thank you John.

JOHN: See you--

A bus filled with passengers comes from offscreen and hits another car at full speed, pushing it towards the reporter. The left side of the screen turns black.

CONNOR: JOHN! John are you okey ? What’s going on ? J—

BBC NEWS 23.01.41 3:21 AM

The News reporter presses a finger against his earpeace, then looks right in to the camera.

CONNOR: This just in, reports from Shanghai of traffic light malfunctions caused numerous crashes and accidents. One of our reporters, John King, has been implicated in one of them. We have no news of him yet, nor of his crew. John, if you can hear us, get inside now. Don’t try to get to a hospital. I repeat, do not try to get to a hospital. The roads are too dangerous. We are trying to get eyes on the situation as we speak. Meanwhile, special reporter Ashley is in the Embassy. Ashley can you hear us ?

ASHLEY: Yes, yes I can… Although not so well… Hello ?

CONNOR: We hear you loud and clear. What’s going on ?

ASHLEY: We don’t know yet, but it doesn’t seem like the traffic lights are the only issue. We’re hearing about street lights exploding, a quarter of Shanghai is already in total blackout and nobody seems to know why.

Phones start ringing in the background.

????: it’s hapenning again !

CONNOR: Ashley ?

ASHLEY: Every phone in the building is ringing, cellphones included. Wait… My english phone isn’t.

????: Miss, I’m going to have to ask you to follow me please.

ASHLEY: I’ve been ordered to move to somewhere else hold on…

CONNOR: I have been informed that china has declared its state of emergency activated... Shanghai is under attack. They are calling to each and every citizens to--

BBC NEWS 23.01.41 3:29 AM

TIM: The city is going crazy, anything automatized remotely connected to the internet is being hacked. The Chinese government has already declared the state of emergency.

The news reporter on the screen is sitting in a helicopter, with a head set covering his ears. Behind him, the doors are wide open, letting the audience see Shanghai.

TIM: Every one has been ordered to stay inside, an evacuation plan is being organised as we speak. Wait, what the… Who’s that ?

Another helicopter flies just under them fast.

TIM: WOW ! Way too close ! A helicopter nearly hit us there !

The Helicopter continues to accelerate until it hits one of the skyscrapers and crashes into it.

TIM: What is going on ?! This is getting worse by the minute.

CONNOR: It's getting way too dangerous Tim, you need to get out of there!

TIM: Where are you going ?

The camera turns to the pilote and co pilote

PILOT: I don’t know, the controls aren’t responding !


All the screens covering the helicopter’s panels turn black, with one message blinking on each of them :

Turn me off Turn me off Turn me off Turn me off Turn me off Turn me off Turn me off Turn me off

The camera comes back on Tim and Shanghai.

TIM: Do something ! Where is that thing going ?!

PILOT: I don’t know!

CO-PILOT: We’re going to have to jump !

PILOT: It’s too low !

CO-PILOT: We have to try before it’s--

Meanwhile, behind tim, the background is moving faster and faster, revealing more explosions all other the city. Tim cries.


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Shanghai Incident

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
3:06AM 23rd of January 2041
Ending Date
4:01AM 23rd of January 2041


MSS Shanghai


28 million habitants in Shangaï
1015 agents mobilized to counter the cyber attacks.
CDI is an A.I. installed in the main server room of the MSS Shanghai facility. It had all the processing power as well as access to all it needed to launch a wide cyber attack on the city.


2 million Habitants
7 international news reporters
Maire of Shanghai
Dr. Delan and the Operation CDI research crew.


Stop CDI and retrieving it intact.
To shut itself down.


Source of conflict

Dr. Delan encoded shut down of A.I. as positive. CDI's goal was to collect as much information from foreign intelligence services. As the A.I.'s value system was binary, it calculated that shuting down was less of a hassle than infiltrating foreign intelligence database. After removal of access to shut down mechanism by Dr. Delan, it seems it still found that shutting down Shanghai's electricity distribution or destroying itself would be easier.



Cutting Shanghai's source of energy off cost the lives of many in the different hospitals, while road accidents caused by trafic lights and hacked automated vehicles were also devastating. 2 million victims, still counting. 7 international news reporter were killed in the incident, as well as two ambassadors. The Maire of the city is still reported missing, likely dead. The damages have been estimated to roughly 19.6 billion in infrastructure. Some sensitive documents of the MSS have been lost during the attack.


Uncertain yet. An international meeting is taking place. Heavy international repercussions are to be expected.

Recommended Course of Action

Denial of implication of the MSS and the chinese government. Dr. Delan will be accused of being a terrorist. CIA and DGSE know of link between Dr. Delan and MSS. It is suggested that Dr. Delan would presented as rogue agent.  
N.L.A. International Treaty
Document | Jul 29, 2018

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31 Jul, 2018 02:41

Ooh what an interesting way of showing this information! I really like how creative you were with it! One of the only things I can see is that "pilot" was spelled with an e when it shouldn't be. Other than that, wonderful job!

31 Jul, 2018 02:59

Glad you liked it ^w^ Typo solved, thank you :3 I'm trying to find new ways to present things. See where it gets me. I feel like it might enhance the immersion of the reader, if done correctly that is. We'll see how it goes :3

10 Aug, 2018 14:51

I think this was very successful! It's fun to play with how a reader gets information ^^ best of luck with future articles! : D

31 Jul, 2018 02:58

I love the creative way you've written your articles definitely makes me feel like I'm reading the transcription of the video file.

31 Jul, 2018 03:01

Thanks! and thank you for reading ^w^ Now you know about the shangaï incident èwé I hope it was as good as I hoped it would be!

31 Jul, 2018 08:08

It wanted to shut itself off because it found its job was too hard?   Talk about a bad cause of the mondays. XD That is really interesting!

31 Jul, 2018 09:48

Think about it this way: seaking informations with out getting caught is = 1 (which is a binary value). Shutting down is also = 1. If you get caught, the information = 0. If the info isn’t new, it’s = 0. If you shut down though, no matter what, it’s = 1. Sooooooo bad Monday’s: the machine understood that suicide by terrorist attack was easier than the equivalent of web searching in incognito mode for A.I.s.